About us

Where it all began

With over ten years experience in language education, Leanne Jefferson began developing the idea behind Camembear whilst teaching her own three children French. Whilst researching the best way to engage children in a foreign language, Leanne discovered that children engaged better with a central character, and once she'd dressed her middle son Freddie's favourite teddy in French attire, Camembear was born! Since the start of the educational programme in 2006, Leanne has brought the fun back into learning languages for over 90 schools and nurseries.

Hear from Leanne Jefferson, the creator of Camembear!
The Original Camembear and le sac magique
Leanne creating the programme

Our Ethos

At Headstart Languages we understand the benefits of giving children a head start in languages and life.

We have a firm emphasis on customer service and adding value. That's why we offer a wide range of consolidation activities, additional games and learning activities to the Camembear programme to help extend the time you can use it to teach and reinforce the French language knowledge the programme offers.

The original book ideas
Camembear founder Leanne Jefferson
An original game idea