Not a linguist?... not a problem!

Camembear is an innovative programme that can be taught by both specialist French teachers and non-specialists alike.

If you have no experience of teaching languages don't feel overwhelmed. This programme contains all the resources and support you need to teach French to nursery and school children with complete confidence.

I've produced some top tips to help make language sessions fun for teachers, practitioners and children.

  • Give your classroom/setting a French feel– the Camembear resource pack includes a wonderful map of France, colourful mobiles on the first ten colours and numbers for you to print and hang up in your room and dual language labels for you to label your areas of provision.
  • The best tip is using Camembear himself. He is such a friendly, fun loving and mischievous bear that children immediately engage with him. Learning French at this young age isn't about conjugating verbs. Keep it simple. Camembear appearing with his 'sac magique' should make learning French fun, not a chore.
  • Engage children with songs, dance, rhymes, games and even craft activities so there is never a dull moment!
  • As busy teachers and practitioners it is unrealistic to expect hours to be devoted to one subject, so just take 5-10 minutes whenever you can to bring Camembear out of the 'sac magique' . Play a game, read a story, sing a song to recap the key French words and ask the children what they have remembered.

Learning French with Camembear

Our Learning French with Camembear programme, specially designed for primary schools and nurseries.

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