Camembear in EYFS with Vikki Bruff

This term has brought Camembear to another new group of children – the school has moved my teaching sessions from the nursery into EYFS, so I am now teaching French to FS1 and FS2.

This means much larger groups than in the nursery, and a much wider range of abilities. So far Camembear and I have taught bonjour, au revoir, comment t’appelles-tu?, je m’appelle and oui and non. We have played cache cache (hide & seek), pass-the-bear and musical je m’appelle ! 

The last one was a particular favourite, with lots of dancing and everyone was able to introduce themselves. The children also really enjoyed passing Camembear around the circle and introducing themselves either using their real name or a made up one – the rest of the group then said oui or non, depending on whether they had said their real name or not.

The children have also started learning the comptine Deux Petits Oiseaux, using the hand gestures of Two Little Dickie Birds

Deux petits oiseaux
Assis sur une branche
Je m’appelle Fifi
Je m’appelle Blanche
Bonjour Fifi
Bonjour Blanche
Au revoir Fifi
Au revoir Blanche

Using a rhyme that they are already familiar with in English, with gestures that they already know and understand, has really enabled the children to pick this finger rhyme quickly in French.