Halloween and La Toussaint

Happy Halloween!

We have lots of free Halloween resources for you to download and use at home or in the classroom including a new and exciting interactive "Spooky Fun Activity"!

Have lots of fun with Camembear exploring French words!

Also do you know why Chrysanthemums are significant for La Toussaint (All Saints Day) in France? Continue reading below to find out!!

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Spooky Fun Activity for Halloween! 

Halloween Match Up Activity - a fantastic classroom resource

Camembear's Halloween Wordsearch

Halloween Crossword

Camembear's Halloween word game

Camembear's Halloween game

All Saint's Day - Why are Chrysanthemum's significant?

On All Saint's Day (La Toussaint) it is time to go to the cemetery, clean up the graves and leave flowers.

Here are some facts - 

"The chrysanthemum is the most sold flower in the world and each year around 25 million pots are placed on French graves on the 1st of November"

"The tradition of using chrysanthemums is a relatively recent one, dating from 1919 when the then President, Raymond Poincaré, declared that all war memorials should be decorated with floral tributes. As one of the rare flowers still in bloom in November it became the flower of choice for cemeteries, with hundreds of thousands of widows laying blooms at their fallen husbands’ memorials. The chrysanthemum is now known as the widow’s flower and is forever associated with Toussaint and death.  With such connotations, chrysanthemums are not usually given at other occasions and should be avoided as a gift – many’s the time an innocent foreigner has unwittingly caused offence (or at least surprise) by offering a hostess these colourful flowers!"