Halloween Match Up Activity - a fantastic classroom resource

Try our 'Halloween Match Up Activity' in your class room. Learn 8 Halloween phrases in French and then play a game where words have to match the images.

Going for Bronze

This Halloween activity is a wonderful opportunity to have a discussion about the similarities and differences of the French and English languages.

We realise that those nouns have not been pre-taught to the children.  We invite your pupils to become language detectives to work out in English, as a group or in pairs, what the words means.

You can gather your pupils to solve the game all together, each time justifying their guessed answers. 

You can explain to them that there are lots of “real friends” (vrais amis, called cognates for linguists) and that this helps us to understand French written words more easily. 

Going for Silver

Why do you think the word vampire is underlined?

It’s because the spelling is identical in French and English.

Going for Gold

Which word is the odd one out?

The answer is ‘citrouille’ as there is no similarity between the English and French word, as they have different origins. The citrouille comes from the italian cetriolo from the latin word citrus.

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