Inspirational learning with Camembear in Lockdown

Read on to find out what Zoe Gordon from West Lothian has been doing with Camembear !

Camembear is delighted to appear in SCILT's winter newsletter in a wonderful article written by Teacher and Development Officer, Zoe Gordon from West Lothian. She shares with us her experiences using Camembear in Lockdown to engage children in their remote learning at home. It is wonderful to hear how not only the children have enjoyed this experience, but also the parents have been really engaged in their learning. Thank you Zoe for sharing this article with us. You can also see videos of the children engaged in their learning with Camembear by clicking on the link below.

Camembear Engaging with the children @ home

Zoe has also shared with us one of her online lessons she taught from home to introduce the children to some of Camembear's pets. This may inspire some of our teachers to have a go themselves!  

Zoe's Lesson with Camembear & Les Animaux! 

If you are isolating and delivering your  lessons remotely you can still use Camembear and the resources to engage your children. If you would like any additional ideas/help for how to do this please do get in touch with us at and we'll do our best to help!