Weekly Phrase

Look at the picture below to see what Camembear is doing and how to say it in French!​

Let's talk about a funny thing: onomatopoeia ("une onomatopée").

First what is "une onomatopée"?: An onomatopoeia is a made up written word which represents a sound.

Now what are the funniest french onomatopoeia? 🤣

💤 Ron-Ron: The French Sound For Sleeping

🤫 Chut: The French Onomatopoeia For Hushing

💦 Plouf: The French Written Sound For Falling Into Water

👉 Pan-Pan: The French Sound For Firing A Gun, Bang-Bang

🤢 Beurk: The French Sound For Disgust

👶 Ouin-Ouin: French Baby Sounds

Do you know any other french "onomatopée" that you find funny/cute?

Au revoir les amis!
À bientôt!