Weekly Phrase

Look at the picture below to see what Camembear is doing and how to say it in French!​

Joyeuse Halloween! (Happy Halloween!) (Notice that Halloween is feminine in French). Here are few sentences around this holiday 🎃

Je voudrais sculpter une citrouille. — I would like to carve a pumpkin.

Ça c’est effrayant! — That is scary!

Regardons un film effrayant. — Let’s watch a scary film.

Disons des histoires de fantômes! — Let’s tell ghost stories!

Des bonbons ou un sort! — Candy or spells!

Unlike the tradition of saying “trick or treat,” French kids have several phrases they use when out hunting for Halloween candy. Another common saying is bêtises ou friandises (mischief or sweets).

What are your plans for Halloween? 👻

Au revoir les amis!
À bientôt!