Weekly Phrase

Look at the picture below to see what Camembear is doing and how to say it in French!​

"Il pleut des cordes" should actually be literally translated by "it's raining ropes" but the equivalent English translation is "raining cats and dogs" (which is an expression that isn't translated in French).

Other related weather french idioms:

🦆 faire un froid de canard: literally "a cold of duck" - meaning: to be bitterly cold, to be icy cold

🐕 Il fait un temps de chien: literally "it is a dog's weather" - meaning a rotten, rainy, gray, cold and cloudy day.

🎅 Noël au balcon, Pâques au tison: literally “Christmas on the balcony, Easter at the embers”. The idea behind it is that a warm Christmas will mean a cold Easter.

🐮 Il fait un vent à décorner les bœufs: literally “a wind to dehorn the cattle” - meaning: a very violent wind.

Do you know other French idioms? Which one is your favourite?

Au revoir les amis!
À bientôt!