Halloween in France

Is Halloween celebrated in France?

Halloween is not a traditional French holiday, but recently Halloween has started to become celebrated after tourists and English lessons have taught French about the English tradition.

On 24th October 1996, the village of St.Germain-en-Laye held a daytime party where children dressed up and people carved pumpkins, in order for the locals to learn more about Halloween.

Nowadays children wear scary costumes and have a party. Children visit bakeries and collect marzipan-filled croissants. Some children now go from house to house to collect sweets.

On the outskirts of Paris there is a pumpkin farm where people can pick their own pumpkin to carve.

However not everyone in France celebrates Halloween as it is seen as an American festival. Those that do not prefer to celebrate La Toussaint (All Saints Day).

La Troussaint is celebrated on 1st November and this Catholic Festival is a bank holiday in France. On this day people in France remember those that have died and leave wreaths made out of chrysanthemums on graves.

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