Camembear in Digital Action at Kirkton of Largo

22 August 2021

Kirkton of Largo Primary school are using the Learning French with Camembear resources in innovative ways including digital and they have been kind to share this with us so we can share with all other users to give ideas and inspiration.

Gemma Sanderson has recently taken the lead on teaching French at the school, a responsibility previously held by the head teacher. With Secondary education in languages Gemma has a good understanding for languages and sentence structure. On looking through the programme, Gemma was impressed at how comprehensive the resource is and the pace of learning with lots of ideas and suggestions for learning and reinforcing the vocabulary learnt in each topic.

Kirkton of Largo is a digital school with several iPads for the children to work with so they have taken the consolidation activities digital with Camembear, incorporating other aspects including technology and maths reinforcing the flexibility of the resource and its cross curricular benefits.

Embracing technology, once a topic has been taught and consolidated it will be further reinforced in the next lesson by using one of several apps, some examples are highlighted below:


Bringing objects and pictures to life – by drawing a line on the object it creates a mouth you can then record words so it looks like it is speaking

Book Creator App

Coinciding with Maths week in Scotland, Kirkton of Largo created a digital book to further reinforce the learning of numbers by looking at how they are made up. The children were asked to go around the classroom to find 1 of something, 2 of something, 3 of something etc…. this was recorded in French and English with texts and sounds. The children can continue to add to the book thus it continues to evolve and all the learning is recorded.

Google Maps

Using Camembear’s Photo Album the children got to grips with Geography searching the Map to find the various places Camembear has visited and where French is spoken. They have zoomed in to view the places in reality such as the Eiffel Tower and then the children have constructed a tower – see below.

Primary 1-3 are taught together enabling the older children to support the younger children with using the technology. This is also shared on Glow so the children can share with their partent.

All very creative and innovative ways for consolidating and extending the learning with Camembear.

Thank you to Gemma for sharing.

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