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Fait des crêpes avec Camembear !

9 February 2021

We are delighted to receive these images from a teacher making pancakes with Camembear to celebrate La Chandeleur!

Camembear fait des crêpes

La semaine dernière, J’ai fait des crêpes et ai appris à des enfants comment les faire ! on a utilisé de la farine, du lait et des oeufs.

J’aime les crêpes au sucre ! Miam Miam ! Et vous ?

Camembear makes pancakes

Last week I made pancakes and taught little kids how to make them! We used flour, milk and eggs.

I love pancakes with sugar! Yum yum! And you?

La Chandeleur - The day of the crêpes!

La Chandeleur / Candlemas is actually a religious tradition celebrated on February 2nd. Nowadays it is also associated with the gathering of friends and families to share in the making and eating of crêpes. 

Camembear shares crêpes with his family and friends in his adventures around Brittany in the Learning French with Camembear 2 programme!