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Feedback from schools and nurseries in Scotland

"This is your solution to implementing languages successfully at First Level....All the thinking has been done for you." "Raise your hands with confidence! YOU CAN TEACH FRENCH!" "The USP is linked to the Curriculum of Excellence in Scotland - the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are the absolute. Every one of the Experiences and Outcomes at First Level is covered - that is unique!
Maria McGinley (Former Head Teacher & curriculum expert)

"Developed confidence.....provides a solid foundation and overview to learning a language at First Level" "Ideal for non-specialist language teachers.....links very well to the curriculum of excellence"
Carol McManus (1+2 Development Officer, Orkneys)

".....a fantastic resource....my P1's love it!" "Got Camembear 1 and 2.....want 3 now!"
Emma Wallace (Principal Teacher, Renfrewshire)

"My son is awestruck with Camembear! He bounced in the house shouting Bonjour & Salut. He's even been able to tell me when to say Bonjour and when to say Salut ! All the mum say their children are loving life with Camembear. Thursday when they are taught French is the highlight of the week!"
Karen (Parent at Linlithgow Primary School, West Lothian)

"Camembear takes the scareyness out of teaching a MFL and allows children to take it and own it. It’s the children that own it, not the staffand they will help the staff learn the language..this is powerful!"
Peter Wright, 1+2 Development Officer, Fife

"We are currently only using Camembear with our P1 classes, but the children are loving it and look forward to seeing him in the class. We are also on a daily basis saying bonjour, au revoir as we do the register or leave at the end of the day. We are keen to develop into P2, 3 etc as the resources become available."
Jacqueline Breingan, Donisbristle school, Fife

"After another great session with Camembear I thought that I would give you a quick update of how well the resource is working at Carnock PS (Fife). All of the classes love Camembear (including the primary 7's!) and want him to return every week. It is a fantastic resource and it is helping the children adopt a confident and enthusiastic approach to learning French!"
Lucy Shields, teacher, Fife

Feedback from Nurseries

"I've never done French before but with the help of the CD of the Key words I am now able to do this easily."
Practitioner, Young Discoverers Nursery, York

"Staff have embraced Learning French with Camembear and are learning with the children. We've picked it up and run with it..Once staff got over the fear factor, we were surprised at how quickly they actually picked it up and enjoyed it .Our parents are so impressed with how much French is being spoken at home."
Ruth Newton ( Nursery Manager, Young Discoverers Nursery, York)

"Camembear is working a treat with our nursery children- they love it and so do I!"
Nursery manager, Harrogate

Feedback from Primary Schools

"We love Camembear at Threshfield School!"
Headteacher Threshfield school

"...this resource has to be seen to be believed..it’s the best resource for this age group on the market"
Head teacher at Marton-cum-Grafton

"Such an exciting resource, Camembear is such an asset to your teaching...clear concise methodology using the 6 fun steps to success makes this very easy to use."
Kay Priestley, Head teacher at Pudsey Waterloo

"Very engaging and easy to use."
Class teacher, Rossett Acre